Best 9 tablets 2021 to buy: performing, long lasting and versatile. Slim, stylish and powerful slates!

A tablet will completely change your digital daily life. This sort of computer, will make your life easier. A little helper at home, outside but also at work.

What’s it for? Without considering all the complex operations, It works like a PC but it’s lighter and much more immediate. It is perfect for checking your e-mails, writing documents, managing social media, watching films, tv series and listening to music, editing videos and reading.

Which one to buy? Below, we have selected the best nine tablets to buy in 2021. Here are the best ones divided by price ranges!

The best cheap tablets:

The best middle range tablets:

The best ones all over the world:

The best cheap tablets

You can find good ones from 100 dollars. Useful for simple operations such as: reading, watching films, listening to music, writing, using social media and surfing the internet.

Huawei Mediapad T5: Perfect and economic

It’s hard to find something better for less than 250 dollars. It does whatever a tablet should do, and it will become your fast and performing helper. With a nice the design (thin), a performing processor (2,56 Ghz octa-core) it is  the best-selling on Amazon. The best among the cheap ones.

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Samsung Tab A (10 inches): High-end display and audio

It boasts a Full HD screen (1920×1200 pixel), thanks to its amazing quality. Perfect for Netflix and TV series lovers. Binge watching has never been so good! Here is the link to Amazon.

For only 349.99$

ZONKO X11 Pro: Android 9 and dual SIM

Zonco and its premium model. The X11 Pro is sleek, fast, up-to-date and has good data storage capacity. 32 GB is more than enough for photos, videos, dozens of apps, and documents. Needless to say, it is the best sold on Amazon.

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The best middle range tablets

Between 250 and 500 dollars, you can find high quality and long-lasting tablets. Perfect even for those who love working on tablets.

Samsung S6 Lite: super light

This is one of the bestselling products on the market. Its weight? 400 grams and it is paper-thin. This tablet boasts incredible features and its perfect for business travellers. Battery life is excellent: 7040 mAh, combined with software optimizations, ensure 5 days of full use. 

A deal worth 389$

Apple iPad: our favorite

There’s nothing you can say, this iPad is a step ahead. The maniac care with which they are designed is incredible. This is the basic iPad, whose price ranges from 379 to 500 dollars (depending on the version) and we absolutely adore it. Excellent value for money.

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VASTKING: convertible tablet with pen and keyboard

An underestimated brand with enthusiastic reviews all over the Internet! This convertible tablet has what it takes to enter the “Olympus” of best buy. The processor performance (1,8 Ghz), the display quality and the reactivity of keyboard and pen (both included in the package) strike. Concreteness and a great price.

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The best ones all over the world

Apple iPad Pro (2021): the best tablet ever

In some ways, better than a computer. Criticized for his processor M1, he is the bringer of an unprecedented revolution (architecture ARM64). The truth? This iPad his astonishing for his speed and for the workload it can handle. Perfect pen and display: a must have for a graphic designer. The Amazon price (1129 $) is appropriate for its performance.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: AMOLED display and pen are the best combo

An high quality product launched by Samsung. Its streghts? A display with an unrivalled resolution (2560×1600 pixel) and a refresh rate of 120Hz, not to mention the lightning quick S-Pen. Useful for demanding graphic designers and professionals. This is the only Android tablet that give a hard time to iPad. Here the link for the technical sheet.  

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Midway between a notebook and a tablet

It is so fully equipped that it can be used as a notebook. It has Windows 10, Core i5 quad-core Intel and 8 GB RAM! We recommend the purchase of a keyboard. Here is the link to purchase it at a very good price.

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