If you want to complete your own little cinema, get yourself a soundbar to pair with the TV. Which one should you buy and how much would you spend?

Do you want to get the best from your movies, tv series and sporting events? Here’s the trick: never underestimate the sound system. Indeed, the auditory experience is essential to let yourself be carried away by the contents. If you want to feel like you are in a cinema, in the stands of a stadium or in the middle of the action, you should have a very good audio system along with a good tv.

Low-end soundbars (up to 150 dollars)

Mid-ranges soundbar (150-500 dollars)

High-end soundbar:

Let’s talk about soundbars. They are “bars” with a subtle design and numerous potentials, which will improve the sound of your home cinema. Some of them, are equipped with innovative technologies and are excellent even if you want to listen to music.

Why is the TV sound so important?

Nowadays, producers tend to give up on tv quality sound, in favor of a thin design and panel quality. We highly recommend you the purchase of a soundbar, especially to those who have bought a high-end 40-50-60-inches TV. Without the right speakers, you will not have that home theater effect.

How much a good soundbar costs?

It’s important to obtain the right soundbar for the largeness of the room and the screen you have. Economical soundbars cost more than 100 dollars. The mid-range ones go from 200 to 500 dollars. Some of them, can even cost more than 900 dollars and have excellent performances. Which one to buy? Here is the complete guide, with all the suggested models for 2021.

Low-end soundbars (up to 150 dollars)

Samsung HW-R450/ZC: Economical and powerful!

Just Amazing. We are talking about a Samsung soundbar with remarkable power (170 Watt), including stereo with subwoofer. Action movies, adrenaline TV shows, video games or sporting events will never be the same! Prepare yourself for these extremely powerful bass. Perfect soundbar, less than 250 dollars.

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Yamaha Yas-109: Guarantee of quality

Is Yamaha the best brand of soundbars? In terms of medium-low range bar, yes, it is. This YAS 109 boasts an innovative design, two integrated subwoofers for bass and DTS Virtual X standards. Integrated Alexa voice control and a mind-blowing sound quality. At this price? What a deal!

For only 299$

Mid-ranges soundbar (150-500 dollars)

Samsung Soundbar HW-Q60T: crystal clear sound

This soundbar, equipped with a powerful sub-woofer, adjusts its sound depending on the environment where it is installed. The Samsung HW-Q607 will “modulate” the emission of loud sounds. The result? Film dialogues are crystal clear. 

For 698$

Bose Soundbar 700: the luxurious tradition

When it’s about the luxury of Bose, there is no doubt. Elegant design object (vintage features), powerful audio and defined details. It works with Alexa and you can find it on Amazon at a very appealing price.

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Sonos Beam: Small but phenomenal!

In case you don’t know it, Sonos is considered the “Apple of audio devices”. Thanks to Alexa, Google, or Siri, it can do whatever you want. This goodie has 220 power Watts.

Don’t let it slip

Yamaha MusicCast BAR400: Our favorite soundbar

In terms of price/quality ratio, it is considered the best soundbar in this guide. Balanced sound, good connection system (MusicCast) and Hi-Res quality, making it perfect for music lovers (192 khZ/ 24-bit).

For 899$

High-end soundbar:

JBL BAR 5.1: The most powerful soundbar on the market

Do you want to experience the thrill of bass that makes windows, walls vibrate and spread throughout the room? This JBL soundbar is made for you. Let yourself be rocked by this subwoofer intensity and the 510-Watt soundbar. The users who tried it, have been speechless.

Just try it!

Sonos PLAYBASE Soundbase: The flat base wonderland

Another form factor but still interesting. Not a lengthened bar, but a flat one, from which the sounds of your favorite film-videogame- tv series are played. This Sonos PlayBase can be easily placed under your TV. Excellent sound performance. High-end soundbase with the highest quality.

A good value for money

SONY HTST5000: The Dolby Atmos as you never heard it before

Since the beginning, it has been considered one of the most discussed Soundbar on the market. Many compared it to the Samsung HW-Q90R, because, they are the only systems boasting Dolby Atmos. It is a hyper-immersive technology that transforms viewer’s perfection. No more channels, but a three-dimensional space created by 128 sound objects. Try it: it’s unbelievable.

A real bargain