Are you looking for a drone to make spectacular footage? Do not waste your money and listen to us! Here are the best models of 2021.

They are one of the symbols of our society. Drones are military inventions, then marketed thanks to the huge success observed among the consumers. We are talking about devices that fly through propellers, without pilot onboard, but remotely controlled. Mostly, the most widespread use of drones concerns video shooting from above. Most drones have onboard camera and are able to take photographs and shots. This invention completely changed entertainment (film, television, advertising) and web industries.

Best drones for entertainment (up to 300 dollars):

Best semi-professional drones:

Best professional drones:

Drones: Which to buy and how to use them?

We will not write about the weaknesses or the potentialities of drones because we are exploring a whole new world with precise rules and innumerable different uses. Shown below a guide that will help you tin choosing your drone .

Best entertaining drones (up to 300 dollars)

even if cheap, these economical drones can give excellent images and unlimited fun. Excellent for beginners!

DJI Ryze Tello: Brilliant!

The best producer for professional drones is DJI. This incredible device has great performances. Flight time: 13 mins. Image transmission distance: 100m. HD transmission: 720p.

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JJRC H68 RC: Amazon’s most loved

Always under 150 dollars, we highly suggest you this JJRC drone. This incredible Chinese brand amazed Amazon users for completeness and robustness. Spectacular on-board camera with 1080p resolution.

A bargain!

Holy Stone HS165:  the cheapest and smartest drone

Amazing design and exceptional functions. The automatic return really works, Follow me function, circular and headless modes. Complete and precise! The icing on the cake? The flying time is up to 30 minutes.

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The best drones with semi-professional camera (from 300 to 1000 dollars)

It’s time to get serious. Starting from 300 dollars you will find drones with high-quality camera. To all the video makers out there: do not underestimate them. There is no need to spend 1000 dollars on great images for your commercials, films, or reports.  

DJI Mavic Mini: Excellent price-quality ratio

Be on the safe side! Buy DJI Mavic Mini. With only 400 dollars you will have a compact drone, perfect for pleasure travel or business trips. Buying this product, you will have quality lenses and shoots, besides a great reliability. 3-axis stabilized camera and 2,7k resolution (QuadHD). It is one of Amazon’s most beloved.

Don’t let it slip away

Holy Stone HS700D: The Best buy of drones?

At the same level of the Mavic Mini, although less known. With only 400 dollars you will be able to take professional shoots.

For only 369$

DJI Mavic Air 2: The best-selling drone

We are not certain about sales data, but since it was launched on the market it has become a must-have acclaimed by critics as “the first real professional drone with an affordable price”. 4K video and transmission range up to 4km.

One of the best on the market

Parrot Anafi: safe and precise

Parrot Anafi boasts some very advanced technological gems. Historical competitor of DJI, Parrot come back from a period of crisis with Analfi. Safe and precise remote control.

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Best professional drones

This category is made for people who work as video makers and have a high budget. Recommended for those who own an activity related to the production of audiovisual activity.

DJI MAVIC PRO Platinum Fly More Combo: The best online

The most used drone in the entertainment industry. It boasts a Hasselblad L1D-20c with 20 mega pixel sensor. 4K in HDR in video mode with extremely high bitrates. Unbeatable flight time (over 30 mins) perfect for stabilization. Honestly, this is the best you can buy online.

Not to be missed

DJI Mavic 2 Pro: When the cameras make the difference

The Pro version of DJI Mavic number “two” produces better image quality, with more megapixels and a wider ISO range. The best for cinema industry.

For 1,869$