Want to cook appetizing meals? Choose a food processor and your life will never be the same! Here are the seven models with the best good quality-price ratio.

Which is the best way to spend time at home? Cooking relaxes us and thanks to it, we become more and more creative. But why should we buy a food processor? It makes our life easier and we have the chance to widen our culinary skills. Hard to summarize in few words the potentialities of a multifunctional, but how suggested by its name, this amazing tool works for you. The main functions are:

Kneader: Almost all food processors have special blades to create dough. Easy to make pasta, pizza, cakes, bread and so much more!

Cooking: Many of them cook the ingredients, steaming or heating by induction. Perfect for cooking vegetables, fish, or rice in the healthiest and lightest way.

Mincing, chopping, straining: These robots can be used as mixers and food processors.

Squashing: It is often required a special tool. But thanks to it, you can make fresh juice and fruit extracts!

The easiest and the most useful recipes:

  • Soups.
  • Stews.
  • Pizza and bread doughs.
  • Sauces and jams.
  • Rice and risotto.
  • Frappe and juices.
  • Sweets! Especially cake and biscuits doughs.

Which food processor should you buy? Hard to choose since the offer is so wide nowadays. But do not worry. We have already selected 7 models for you: they are the best you can find online. They have different prices and tools. But trust us, the quality is excellent.

Kenwood KMC011: The best kneading machine of the entire world.

It is the best on the market. It works as a kneading machine and exploits its 750 watts power with an incredible accuracy. You will be mind-blown! Excellent materials!

KitchenAid KSM2FPA: The food processor which chops everything.

It can be a mixer, a kneading machine thanks to its incredible power! More than 1000 Watt for 5 lit capacity.

Ninja BL780C Supra Kitchen System: Small, useful, and cheap!

Compact, cheap, and perfect for 3-4 people family. So good to be true!

All-Clad HP503152: The most balanced among food processors

Thanks to its good cooking ability, you will be able to cook everything you want! From risotto to breads, including soups.

Bellini Kitchen Master set: The easiest multi-functional food processor to use.

It is all super automized, including smart programs and 11 speed setting. Perfect for those who do not have too much time and want a ready-to-go meal!

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1: 5 mind-blowing functions!

“It does everything: cooking, kneading, mincing, whisking, steaming, whipping, boiling, emulsifying, stir-frying, mixing”. Its 5 functions left us speechless! Well done Ninja Food!

CUISINART STM 1000C: When a steamer makes the difference

Super smart. Your life is going to change thanks to this food processor and its steamer. You will cook in only 5 mins. Prepare yourself for these mouth-watering recipes!