Looking for a different summer? Try the Stand-Up Paddling. A mix between surfing and canoa, it is considered the funniest sport of 2020.

Funny, easy, and perfect for keeping in shape. It is called SUP and we will hear a lot about it. But what is it? It is a water sport, similar to surfing but definitely easier and more intuitive! The abbreviation SUP stands for “stand up paddling” and consists of a board on which you are standing and pushing yourself with a paddle. It doesn’t require any weather or marine conditions. You can use it and have fun everywhere you want!

Stand Up Paddling: The best floating boards of 2020
Stand up Paddling – or SUP – is truly a family sport

Which one should you buy? Thanks to the internet, there are some excellent deals, with a low price and good performance. Here are our best selection!

Aqua Marina SPK 2: perfect to begin with!

Beautiful design, excellent materials, and affordable price. Its dimension is 10’10” x 30″ x 4″, making it very stable. Inflatable, with a bag included in the kit. Excellent for beginners.

Freein ExplorerStable and excellent for 2 people!

Thanks to its large surface, this Stand-Up Paddling has excited more than one Amazon user. Excellent for two people! And the price? What a deal!

Aquaplanet: Bestseller

Less fast, most voted thanks to its stability. With it, you will make little effort and it is impossible to fall! Dimension: 10ft 6″x15cm. The Amazon best-seller.

GoPlus (cruiser): The designed board

The best in the field of Stand up Paddling. Excellent Cruise models, available in different sizes. Great design!