Truth about Lacoste Polo? You can get them by saving money! Prices range according to the stores and to the season. Here’s the trick!

When it comes to “an evergreen” Lacoste are simply iconic: they combined French class to sporty. This brand has been producing them since 1933 and now they become the symbol of luxury casualwear. Simple, light, and perfect for every occasion. You can always wear them. The best feature? Mind-blowing cotton, famous for its durability and its softness.

What about the price? Hard to find them at a good price. Secret? Follow their seasonal price. Where to purchase your Lacoste polo at the lowest price?

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What about Amazon users?

Always been a big fan of Lacoste, the shirt feels good, fits well and I love the color. Will be looking to buy more in the future. Makes a perfect gift.

Verified Amazon Customer

Lacoste polo L12.12:

Fit is regular, and it has a classic cut. The Lacoste polo shirt as we have always known it! The most reliable links where to find it at the best price:

Lacoste Slim-cut polo shirt:

Tight to the chest and to the sleeves. Sporty and comfortable cut. Perfect for young people and for those who want a snug fit. The most reliable links are:

Lacoste Paris-cut polo shirt:

Timeless. The 2 buttons under the collar are hidden, the iconic Crocodile logo is embroidered tone on tone. The fabric is slighter thicker, in Petit Piqué. Here’s the link to purchase it safely. Or below: