Camping holiday is a unique experience! Don’t be held back by the difficulty of buying a tent. Here you will find the best offers

Sleeping in an hotel is comfortable, but why settle for few “stars” when you can sleep under the celestial vault? Here’s why camping is so fascinating. An experience that will let you be in a complete symbiosis with nature. With just a few dollars and with the maximum freedom, a camping holiday will give you unforgettable memories.

You will wander in seas, mountains, countryside and cities without changing your “home”.

What you need? Just a good tent! Choosing can be difficult but all depends on the number of people, the destination and your preferences. We are here to help you. Our editorial staff has selected the best tent on the market with an unbeatable value for money.

 How to find your bearings in our guidelines? We have divided the tents by number of people: they are perfect for all seasons! Enjoy your reading.

The best super-cheap tents!

Kekilo Pop Up Tent: lightweight

The ideal companion for a day at the beach. Waterproof and super light, is perfect for travel. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for the night.

Only 43$

Happy Camper 80-180T: unbeatable price

For less than 50$ is nearly impossible to find anything else! Compact, easy to assemble boast useful features that will make your trip super comfy.

Here the link to Amazon

The best 2 people tents

FE Active: compact and comfortable

Perfect to be carried around thanks to its small tent bag, it is still comfortable and big enough to host two people. Simple to set up and perfect for every season. Seeing is believing.

For only 99$!

RioRand: super ventilated

With its double layer, two doors and two closable ventilation windows, this tent is perfect for any situation. Convenient and safe, it will amaze the most sceptical.

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The best 3 people tent

HILLMAN: invincible stamina

Even if compact and light, this HILLMAN tent will protect you against the worst downpour. Perfect also for hot climates and made with good materials. It boasts an amazing value for money.

Super strong! Don’t let it slip away

The best 4 people tents

HUI LINGYANG Pop Up Tent: the best family tent

Quick and easy to set up, this tent is ideal for small families or a group of friends. Equipped with useful accessories such as storage pockets and lantern hook, it is easy to keep clean and organized.

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MOON LENCE: instant building

Even if this tent is suitable for 4/5 people, is super easy to build: you will need just a minute and then you are ready to camp. Nothing else to say! Click here to learn more

For 239$

The best 5 people tent and more

Core equipment: a 9-person tent

Easy set up and wide enough to host 9 people. This tent includes rain fly, room dividers to create intimacy and fits 2 air beds. Convenient and spacious.

What a bargain