Loving adventures and outdoor activities? Try the kayak! It’s gonna be one of your favorite hobbies! Here’s the guide on how to choose the right kayak for you.

Kayaking can become a fun sport! To do it, you need no technics but a low budget, a great desire to explore new places! Unforgettable emotions and memories are guaranteed. It is the best companion for your holidays.

First, you should buy the perfect kayak for you: according to your needs, your activity and budget. Here are some Kayak options:

How many types of kayaks are there?

  • Inflatable or rigid kayak? The first ones are cheap and easy to travel with. They last less, have less stability, and are more “uncomfortable” because they have to be inflated, cleaned, and deflated every time. While the rigids last a lifetime, but you won’t be able to pack them!
  • Excursion or fishing kayak?  The first have a wider plan and are perfect for rivers and sea. In the second ones, there is space for your fishing roads, and they boast GPS support.
  • Long or short kayak?  If you stay near the coast, buy it short (2,4-3,9 meters). But if you go further from the coast ( over 300 meters), buy it about 4 meters onwards.
  • Which form do you prefer?  There is an elliptical hull (for rough seas), “V” (for speed), flat (more for lakes or rivers) or banana (cuts the waves in rivers and offshore).
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Which are on-line models being best?

Malibu X13 Recreation: the best for fishing

Rigid kayak, with a slim and slender shape. It has all the space for your fishing tackle. Go to the lake or to sea (good conditions) and you won’t regret it.

Malibu Kayaks X-Factor (Fish & Dive): The most spacious variant

Fishing kayak always signed by Malibu. More spacious and perfect for lake activities.

Intex Explorer K2: What a deal!

For just $500, you take a sturdy, 2-person inflatable kayak home with you. Excellent surfing.

Advanced Element: The easiest banana kayak to use

If simplicity is your cup of tea, you better buy this single seater kayak. Perfect for rivers and rapids. Sturdy, portable, and excellent materials.

Pelican Sprint 100XR: Swift and agile

The best-selling V-shaped rigid kayak online. Quality materials, excellent ergonomics, and unbeatable lightness. Perfect for those looking for agility, speed with minimal effort in rowing.