There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong equipment. How to prevent mishaps? Choose the best bedrolls between our selection.

A good equipment is the best starting point for your adventures. Once you have chosen the backpack, hiking boots and tent that best suits you, only the sleeping bag remains. The choice of the best bedrolls cannot be fortuitous. After a long and tiring day, it is important to cuddle yourself with a comfortable and warm “bed” always at hand.

Here you will find out how to choose the perfect sleeping bag for all-weather. We have selected the ultralight and warm ones, suitable for all situations. Read more!

The best 3 seasons sleeping bags

The best winter sleeping bags

The best 3 seasons sleeping bags

These sleeping bags are the best for spring, summer and autumn: as warm as needed, comfortable and superlight (all under 2 kg). Let’s learn more about them.

Kelty Cosmic: winter-proof

Pretty warm and comfy it can be used also with temperatures below zero degrees. Water-resistant, it is incredibly soft and fits up to 5’8’’. Try it!

Don’t let it slip away

WINGACE: the most versatile

Whether you go camping, cycling, backpacking, or climbing this sleeping bag is easy to carry. Suitable for 5’6’’ to 6’2’’ people. Here on Amazon

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Venture 4th: breathable and wide

To all the “active” sleepers and tall people: this sleeping bag is the best for you! Extra wide and durable, is made with soft materials that will not hurt your skin.

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The best winter sleeping bags

If you are a cold person and you want to stay warm at camp, these sleeping bags are what you are looking for. Read more.

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood: the camping king

Oversized and comfortable, this sleeping bag is perfect even with temperature under -20°C. You cannot take this bedroll backpacking but it is perfect for camping.

For 227$

Browning Camping McKinley: extremely durable

Designed to keep you warn during extreme weather, this sleeping bag has an insulated chest and a two-layers construction that will trap heat. Good materials and extreme durability.

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TETON Sports Tracker 5: great value for money

Teton is probably the best brand for sleeping bags. Soft material, very warm thanks to its layers. Light enough to be carried around, warm enough to say goodbye to cold feet.

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TETON Sports Mammoth: the perfect queen-size

Warm and wide for 2 people, this sleeping bag will protect you against the worst cold. It is durable and made with incredible quality materials. Perfect for a romantic adventure.

A bargain!