This drone is one of the few drones that respects all the new measures, according the law. Where to buy it?

If you are looking for a drone to be used without a license and that doesn’t break the prohibitions imposed by Transport Canada, this DJI Mavic Mini is perfect for you.

Thanks to its weight of less than 250 grams and with the para-propellers supplied, it manages to circumvent the restrictive regulation of Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). Thanks to the high quality of the brand, DJI, fly quality, amazing shooting, and attention to detail in the construction are guaranteed. For us, it’s the best buy.

Where to buy it at the best price:

We highly advise you the purchase on Amazon (Combo package), best for shipping, warranty (2 years!) and returns policy.

Here are the features of DJI Mavic Mini:

  • Autonomy: over 25 mins, it is possible to reach 30 with hoovering without active flight.
  • Impressive flight power: this amazing tool reaches 250 meters in height, 1200 meters in distance and 45 km/h speed.
  • Compact dimension: When closed, it is slightly larger than a smartphone (140x82x57 mm). When opened, it can be 245x290x55 mm. Perfect for travel lovers!
  • Impressive video and photo quality: The camera of Mavic Air boasts 1/ 2.3 sensor and 12-megapixel resolution. Videos can reach 2,7 million pixels at 30 fps and at 60 fps Full HD. Mind-blowing result!
  • This drone will worth your money. It respects all the new rules on quadcopters. Buy it and you won’t think about all the heavy fines.