Easy to use, technological and today they are sold at a very good price. It makes them the perfect helper for your housekeeping! Here are the bests of 2021.

Living in a clean and dust-free environment helps good mood, mental clarity and preserves the respiratory tract from any infections. A good habit is to frequently dust the floor and house surfaces. How is it possible to make this faster, and in the most comfortable and effective way? There are cordless vacuum cleaners: tools that will change your life and keep your home safer.

What does it make special ?

It is equipped with a powerful lithium battery, allowing you to use it without any wires and cables. You will be able to move without any problems. What about the prices? Here’s the good news: After years of production, models of every price range are available on the market.

How much does it cost?

Let’s start from the economic ones, passing by the mid-range ones, until the most developed ones. Which one to buy? There is no such a thing as the right category. It depends on your necessities and budget. Approximately, it starts from 80 dollars for an entry level model, up to 800 for a high-end product. Below, we have selected for you the best 10 models available on the internet. Ready to choose your next vacuum cleaner?

Hi Ends Cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson, Tineco and Bissell boast the best models. If you are looking for a long-lasting vacuum cleaner, choose them and you won’t regret it.

Dyson Cyclone V11: Play it safe

A brand as Dyson doesn’t need any introduction. This model is a concentrate of technologies and advanced  researches. LED display, grade 14 cyclone vacuum and filters capable of retaining the 99,99% of the particles (up to 0.3 microns). Dyson 11 is spectacular.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 M Lite: The electric vacuum cleaner perfect for everyone

Tineco is good at everything and its Pure One S12 Lite doesn’t make any exceptions. It is a cordless, powerful, and perfect for domestic use. You can dismantle and use it on beds, sofas, and surfaces. Excellent 500 watts united to 80 mins autonomy. The possibility of connecting your smartphone is excellent and it allows you complete control and statics on the consumptions.

Bissell Icon PET: This is the best deal on vacuum cleaners

Pets owners should take advantage of the price of the Bissell Icon PET. This 140-year-old brand offers a very versatile product and it is excellent at removing hairs. Excellent kit.

Dyson V8 Absolute: The best seller in terms of quality

Among the best models of the brand, it was launched in 2016 and nowadays it has an interesting price/quality ratio. This model became successful thanks to its lightness (2,6 kg) and the durability of the lithium-ion battery. This British brand became famous because of it and remains one of the best sellers. Buy it at less of 700 dollars!

Cordless vacuum cleaner under 250 dollars:

They have different limits and less valuable materials. But, we can find some authentic goodies, less than 250 dollars. For instance? The ingenious system of Black & Decker or the very precise aspiration of Rowenta.

Nequare 18KPa: 200 watts as never seen before

You better not underestimate this model, especially thanks to its quietness and 200 watts powerfulness. It aspires also in the most difficult angles and guarantees 35 mins of autonomy. Good value for money.

INSE N6: Light and manageable

We like it because of its weight (4,5 pounds) and powerfulness. Design is minimal but at the same time elegant. It is one of our favorites: we highly advice the purchase for who owns a medium size apartment and wants a vacuum cleaner easy to use.

BLACK DECKER HSVJ: Robust and reliable

We immediately like this Black & Decker model. It stands out from the other vacuum cleaners. Nice the assemblage system with the interchanging battery. Classic design but it differs thanks to its quality and concreteness.

Cordless vacuum cleaner under 150 dollars:

Is it possible to spend less than 150 dollars? Yes, it is. Especially for those who live in small spaces( studios, single rooms) and has few needs. Excellent the products branded Hoover and Eureka.

Hoover Linx cordless: Perfect for apartments

Excellent device despite the cost of around 200 dollars. This Hoover Linx Linkless electric broom boasts 25 minutes of autonomy and a good vacuum capacity. Perfect for small apartments and houses. Calculating that on a 50-60 square meters, the performance of the Hoover is good and advanced. You will save money and time.

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum: Air X HEPA filter and light as a feather

Quietly, ORFELD gives to the users the best cordless vacuum cleaner under 250 dollars. Good vacuum power(17000 PA), excellent Air XHEPA 10 filter and unexpected feather weight. Absolutely recommended.

DIBEA D18: Futuristic design and complete kit

Well done DIBEA. Even if it’s not very popular, it still well reviewed by all users. 12000 Pa power ensures good vacuum . Good choice the kit, included in the price.