Are you looking for a performing phone? Here is the guide of the best smartphones of 2020. High-end phones, at the lowest price? Well, you are in the right place.

Choose a high-end phone and change your life. Nowadays our phone plays an important role: it is a work tool, a performing PC, an excellent camera, a video camera, an agenda and even a guide when we are travelling. Think about it: It is the object we use the most during our day. That’s the reason why you should buy a high-end smartphone, it’s going to help you in everything you are going to do!

If you are thinking to replace your phone, read our guide. We are going to show you all the shops where you can buy them at the best price.

Best smartphones for taking videos and photos

Can a smartphone take beautiful photos as those taken by a Reflex or a mirrorless? Well, it can. Between artificial intelligence, top and multiple lens, thanks to nowadays smartphones you can do whatever you like. We suggest you:

iPhone 11 pro: The best camera on the market

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: 108 mega pixel camera

Samsung S20: The latest photographic masterpiece

Best smartphones for professionals

For those who use their phones for work, check and send emails, make many calls, and use complex software. A nice large screen and phablet functions. Here are the best ones on the market:

Samsung Note 10: The best for managers and professionals

Huawei Mate 30 pro: The ideal smartphone at the honest price

Oneplus 8 pro: The fastest of all!

Best smartphones for gamers

Playing video games wherever you are……is priceless! And the performances of gaming smartphones are getting better. Try to believe!

Asus ROG 2: It’s like having a console in your pocket

Razer Phone 2 Its display performance will surprise you

Best smartphones for quality-price ratio

Low price, excellent performance. These smartphones are smartest, with the best processors and excellent features. They are a deal, but don’t go spreading it around!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: The best for price/quality ratio

OnePlus 7T: Less than 600 euros…what a deal!

Realme X2: New entry of 2020

Xiaomi Mi 10: Don’t miss out the current price!