Looking for a tablet, but you have a limited budget? Don’t worry! Nowadays you can find it at a very good price. Don’t miss the best offers!

Tablet’s market is expanding so fast, and the offer keeps improving. Nowadays with a tablet, you can do simple activities without turning on your computer or ruining your sight.

What is it good for? You can check your e-mails, play games, do research, surf the internet, and read news. It’s perfect! It’s like having a computer, but way easier, cheaper, and funnier!

At home, it turns into an efficient technological assistant, to be kept in the living room for any eventuality. If you don’t have a tablet yet, you had better to buy one.

How to choose a cheap one?

It’s important to know all the brands and the opinion of all those who already have it. In this way, you can avoid rip-offs and you won’t miss the right moment!

In order to make it easier for you, we have selected the best cheap tablets on the market. Our price range goes from 60-70$, up to 250$.

Our top ten is:

1 – RCA 11 Delta Pro: The most loved one

The winner takes all. Thanks to its price and performance everybody loves it. Great 1366×768 Touchscreen Display. You can connect a keyboard and it becomes an excellent notebook. Customer service has been highly praised. RCA’s miracle.

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2 – HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Lite: only 250 dollars, what a bargain!

Well done Huawei. This Chinese brand has distinguished itself over the years thanks to its attention to details and quality at a low price. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Lite has just come out and has a price not to be missed. On Amazon for only 250 dollars.

For only 298$

3 – Amazon Fire HD 8: High quality at its finest

Produced by Amazon. If previous versions had several flaws, this Fire HD 8 is the sum of things done well. Fast, responsive, and super easy to use. Terrific for its connection with Prime Video and Netflix.

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4 – VASTKING KingPad K10: cheap and crystal clear

An underestimated brand with enthusiastic reviews. Cheap but powerful, this device has a 6000mAh battery that last for 12 hours straight and a crystal-clear display which, combined with a double speaker, will make you lose yourself in films and series. Seeing is believing. Click here for more infos!

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5 – Huawei T5: A classic

It’s not brand-new but it boasts incredible performance. It’s still good and it’s very similar to an iPad. This MatePad will never disappoint you!

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6 – ZONKO X11 Pro: Android 9 and dual SIM

Zonco and its premium model. The X11 Pro is sleek, fast, up-to-date and has good data storage capacity. 32 GB is more than enough for photos, videos, dozens of apps, and documents. Needless to say, it is the best sold on Amazon.

For only 145$

7 – Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: good performance

Excellent quality and good performance. Thanks to this Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 you can do and store a lot also for the possibility of adding an expandable memory. It has a very smooth and sensitive touchscreen and a quite good life battery. A good value for money.         

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8 – Lenovo TAB M10 tablet: Experience and simplicity

Lenovo is well known and has a rich fan base in Canada The TAB M10 condenses all the concreteness of the brand into a single tablet. Reliability and seriousness are its strong points.

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9 – Dragon Touch Max10: Strongest

Class-leading performance. High-quality brand. Thanks to the Octa-core processor gaming will never be the same. The HD screen is suitable for movies, TV series and sports lovers.

Only 185$

10 – PRITOM 10An extra gear

With that display resolution (1280×800 IPS) and that  A100 Quad-core A53 processor, we wonder how it is so cheap!

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