Posture is fundamental! How not to ruin your back playing on your computer? Choose one of the best gamer seats. Here’s our guide.

Invest in your health. Keep this choice in mind when it comes to buy a gamer chair. You should know that, if you spend hours playing computer games or with a console, your muscles are always implicated. To avoid back pain, inflammations and postural problems, is better to choose an appropriate armchair. Since some gaming chairs are amazing, you will gain in style, comfort and mood. Just touch and feel.

Best “professional” gaming chairs

Best “racing” gaming chairs

Which one should you buy?

There are so many options. The two main ones are “professionals” and “racing”. The first ones have the same common style of desk chairs, but with bigger padding and reclining seat. The second ones are different in terms of aesthetic and for the addition of postural cushions. Which one to buy? Here are our favorites, with the best value for money!

Best “professional” gaming chairs

OFM GAMING CHAIR: The adaptable new entry

Perfect for everything: home, office, and gaming station. It doesn’t have any premium racing paddling, but comfort is guaranteed. OFM is among the most popular brands on Amazon.

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CORSAIR T1 RACE: The perfect combo between gaming and studying

The best compromise being perfect for studying and playing. Corsair is a top-quality brand. You can regulate armrests, backrests, and ground clearance. No words needed.

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Best “racing” gaming chairs

AkRacing: It helps your backbone and is amazing

This AkRacing is amazing for two reasons: the attention for your posture and back and the perfect design. Look also count! This chair in green, with its two horns on the head will give personality to your gaming station! The use of memory foam on cushions is amazing. Absolutely perfect.

For 479$

Vertagear: The most elegant between all these racing gaming chair

It is considered as the most sober version of the brand Vertagear. The design is classy, and has beautiful color, soft artificial leather and shiny effect. Perfect for professionals thanks to its quality and comfort.

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Ficmax: Super resistant!

Nice details, sturdy design, and materials. Suitable for those who want a long-lasting gaming chair. Good the price on Amazon.

For only 195$

Arozzi Verona V2: Italian legend

Well-known brand and a high-quality product. Among all the top models , Verona V2 Pro is the best for good value for money.

Simply the best