The nicest pocket-sized video cameras ever. If you are looking for an action cam and you do not know where to begin, you are in the right place!

If you are used to travelling, being in touch with nature or doing adrenaline sports, you should definitely get an action cam! Why? Simple: your best experiences deserve to be recorded. But what are action cameras and which are the most efficient on the market? In this guide you will find out all the secrets of the sector. Above all, you will learn how to choose the perfect cam for your needs saving money.

Why do you need an action cam?

They are small video cameras, convenient to be carried and easy to use. They are lightweight, they take up a little space and they guarantee amazing footage. A technology wonder!  They are designed litteraly to be “worn” or assembled on bikes, motorcycles, cars, stabilizers or any other kind of vehicle. Otherwise, you can simply use your action cam manually, while walking, swimming (a lot of versions are waterproof), running, skiing or doing every type of activity! Be trustful, you will have a genuinely nice time.

How to choose the right action cam?

Here is a list of the best action cameras that you can easily receive at home. You will find only guaranteed retailers, prime quality brands and good selling prices. Your choice will be the easiest and safest ever. In order to make your decision even easier, we have divided the acton cam into price ranges. Here they are:

Cheap action cameras: from 99 to 200 dollars

Mid-range Action cameras: from 200 to 400 dollars

Professional Action cameras: From 400 dollars

Economic Action cameras: 99-200 dollars

DragonTouch Vision 3: full-HD

Super small but with a great camera that takes very clear pictures and videos. Perfect touch screen and responsiveness. This is a waterproof camera so you will be able to capture all your adventures. Don’t let it slip out, buy it now!

Buy it now!

Apexcam: fully-equipped

For this price, this action cam is amazing. Light to carry, easy to use with a ton of accessories. The resolution of underwater videos is impressive: it boasts excellent and vivid colours. The camera includes a lot of function such as loop recording, slow motion, time-lapse etc. Try it!

For only 82$

AKASO V50X Native: great stabilization

With an electronic image stabilization and an adjustable angle view, this camera is perfect for any kind of shoots. Easy to use, practical thanks to its remote controller it can also be regulated using the touchscreen or the buttons. Here the link to Amazon.

For 139$

Mid-range Action cameras: from 200 to 400 dollars

DJI Osmo Action: a legend

DJI is a legend for any videomaker in film industry. This DJI Osmo Action is their action camera and it’s pure excellence. Perfect management of HDR, lens with 3 aspherical optics that reduce light reflections. Kaboom!

Here the link to Amazon

GoPro HERO8: for perfectionists

 Super photos, 4K videos at 100mb/s and the best stabilization ever. This action cam is perfect for perfectionists, in fact it is equipped with Live Burst: it records 1.5 seconds before and after the shot so you can choose the best angle frame for your photos!

A bargain!

Professional Action cameras: From 400 dollars

GoPro Hero9: our favorite

The best action camera ever. Good price, spectacular video quality (as per GoPro tradition) and some important news. Above all, the company of ex-surfer Nick Woodman has added the HyperSmooth 3.0 expected by many. The result? Stabilization reaches unthinkable levels. It also has a 5K resolution (5120 × 2880 pixels!) And the ability to live stream at 1080p. Magical. Our favorite action camera.

Don’t let it slip away

Sony HDRAS50R/B: good microphone and video

This action cam shoots pretty good time-lapses thanks to its good stabilization and quality video. It can be connected to your phone with an app that can be also used as a monitor or just to monitor and set camera. Even the microphone boasts a very good quality.

For 448$

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition: 360° vision

Once the 360-degree cameras were all problematic. Then the Insta360 ONE R arrived and beated all. Now the total vision makes sense and the videos that you shoot will amaze the whole web. It also boasts a great price.

Click here

GoPro Max: the most complete

A GoPro with endless possibilities. It has: “HyperSmooth Max, TimeWarp Max, SuperView Max, plus a single lens HERO and dual lens 360° camera.” Epic and unrivalled.

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