Do you want a TV suitable for movies, TV series and sports? Here are the best 4K models, with formidable picture quality. The 2021 guide!

If you are looking for a quality TV, to watch movies, TV series and follow sports events, you should consider buying a 4K screen. The acronym stands for a very high standard of resolution, which will improve your viewing experience. Today 4K technology – also called Ultra HD -it is becoming the standard, both in streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now Tv, DAZN…) and in free to air broadcasting.

Some technical data: the resolution of a 4K television is 3840×2160 pixels, equivalent to about 8 MP total. The previous standard, called Full HD, had 1920×1080 (so about 2 MP). This means that a 4K TV will see 4 times better than the previous generation. Quality and definition are easily comparable to the DCI standard for cinema projectors (4096×2160 pixels) and finally, almost all recent TV’s incorporate image enhancement technologies, such as HDR (High Dynamic Range, for brighter lights and colors) and Wide Color Gamut (a color palette with 1 billion shades). The panels can also be standard LEDs, QLEDs (with Quantum Dot pixels) and OLEDs (organic backlighting, with perfect black rendering).

Best 4K TVs: Which Ultra HD screen to buy in 2020?

Today’s home entertainment offers the viewer a cinematic quality experience, at sometimes very affordable prices! But which screen is worth buying? And which are the brands that ensure higher quality? Here is our shopping guide, with the 10 best 4K TV models in 2021.

Samsung RU7100 43 inch: The best for less than 400 euros

LED panels of Samsung TV are the best in terms of visual quality. This RU7450 also boosts an intelligent processor that works on colour, dynamic contrast and image enhancement. For less than 600 dollars you can take home a 4K TV without comparison. Your strong point? Balance in specifications (it does everything right!) and value for money.

LG UM6910 55-inch: Faithful Colors and a Perfect Panel

4K resolution and IPS panel. What does that mean? Incredible image definition and extremely faithful colors. IPS technology in fact, ensures accuracy in neck tones. Professional photographers, for example, use it a lot! Basic functions for the UM6910, but LG’s quality is above all in the details! The smart (WebOS) section is excellent for viewing Netflix, Youtube and other multimedia content. For less than 1000 dollars, you have to take it before they run out of stock!

TCL S425 50-inch: For those looking for a soft atmosphere

Elegant design, excellent sound and a totally immersive The Creative Life experience. The TV is dedicated to those who watch dimly lit TV and want to enjoy TV series and atmospheric movies. Always under 400 dollars (while stocks last).

Sony X750H 55-inch: The quality of the Japanese brand is not in dispute

Sony means only one thing: Cinematic quality. Turn on the KD X750 and you’ll feel like you’re watching a theatrical screening. Nothing can describe the paste and three-dimensionality of the images on the Sony panels. For true connoisseurs and discerning cinephiles! If you are lucky, you will buy it at a discount for less than 900 dollars!

Hisense H78G 65-inch: High quality and convenience

Hisense is a Chinese brand that has entered the TV market with a tight leg in just a few years. Quality, convenience, customer focus: BOOM! Incredible success. The H78G model has really done everything very well: 4K resolution, HDR10+, Wide Color Gamut, Ultra Dimming (to improve blacks) and precise smart system. Bargain if taken for less than 700 dollars!

LG UM7300 75-inch: Futuristic color processing

Two things have struck us about these 75-inch 4K televisions. The first is the elegant, futuristic, borderless design. The second is the colour processing, never so bright. The credit goes to the second generation Alpha 7 processor. Another confirmation of quality by LG. Good price Amazon.

Samsung 65-inch RU7100U: Cinema size!

Great way to exploit 4K. In 65 inches you’ll be sitting in the details of the image! For those looking for cinema size at an honest price, the Samsung RU7100U 65 is the right choice! Offered for less than 1000 dollars on Amazon.

Samsung QLED Q70 65 inch: Quantum dot at a sensational price

The Quantum Dot technology was developed by Samsung and allowed their panels to reach 100% colour volume, with perfect blacks. The true OLED challenger, this 65-inch Q60 is a gem of technology.

LG OLED B9 65-inch: The OLED Deal

LG’s OLEDs are the best you could ask for. Especially for their unbeatable quality/price. The “Organic” technology is currently the most advanced in terms of image rendering. For those who demand the top, without spending too much money.

Sony OLED A9G 65-inch: The most up-to-date

Sony offers one of the most up-to-date 65-inch 4K OLED TVs. Released in late 2019, it has HDR 10+, a Dolby front speaker system and a reliable and fast smart system. It’s almost sold out on Amazon, despite it’s high price tag!